Two Live-Action Star Wars Headed to TV

May 10, 2007


George Lucas announced to Fox News that he has decided to continue making the Star Wars universe shittier, injecting more of his out-of-touch ideas of humor and romance into two hour-long made-for-TV Star Wars movies. The director added that the stories won't involve the Skywalker family, and he has not yet determined what network they will air on.

At this point, having completely given up on the chance of a respectable Star War, I'm hoping they do this on the Lifetime Channel. Dean Cain stars as The Perfect Jedi, a young Jedi powerful with the Force and great with the son of single mom Shmoora (Tracey Gold). But it seems her suitor has a dark side, and as his Sith powers (and alcoholism) take control, Shmoora must go to extreme lengths to save her son... and the galaxy.

Oh, and ol' Lucas also said Spider-Man 3 was "a silly movie." I don't think the irony of this needs to be explained.


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