30 Days of Night Teaser Trailer

June 11, 2007

30 Days of Night, based on the popular graphic novel, tells the story of a group led by Josh Hartnett trying to fight off a horde of vampires. The catch? They're above the Arctic Circle, so it's night for 30 days! Without the burden of daylight, it's a virtual vampire spring break--a full month of non-stop binge drinking [of blood].

This trailer reminds me of a disturbing trend in the modern vampire: too many are willing to run around mad for blood, openly showing they're mutant vampires. What ever happened to your gentlemanly, Dracula-style vampire? It's like the new vampire is a rapist, while Dracula was more of a date-rapist. Both are going to attack you in an unwanted way that will leave you violated, but at least with Dracula you get the seduction. Whether being turned into a vampire or raped, I expect dinner first.

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