Jack McCoy Finally Promoted

June 8, 2007


After 13 grueling seasons as executive assistant district attorney, Sam Waterston, better known as Jack McCoy, will be promoted to D.A. Though most fans have forgotten the show is still on the air outside of TNT's "Primetime in the Daytime," which seems to run the show non-stop, the promotion will spruce up the lawyer's stagnating resume. A spokesperson was hesitant to comment about how this may change Waterston's part in the show, as the D.A. has tended to serve a smaller role than the executive assistant, but it shouldn't really matter since anyone still watching new episodes of Law & Order is pretty much on auto-pilot at this point.

Though Waterston's presence has long been recognized as the only interesting aspect of the show since the death of Jerry Orbach, L&O has been running off of spin-offs, guest spots, fictionalized accounts of true celebrity crimes, and fading brand loyalty for the last five years anyway. If ER can still pull in ratings,* a little less Waterston sure isn't going to hurt anything in the world of Law & Order.

*ER is seriously still on the air. Can you believe it?


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