John Dahl Out of Punisher 2

June 13, 2007

Okay, now in this "scene", I'm going to beat a hooker to death with a stick. Ready on set?

Director John Dahl has backed out of Punisher 2. Not that I really care, there's no way in hell I'm seeing the sequel to a shitty movie that was a remake of another shitty movie.

"I love the idea of a kickass vigilante that's got a really black sense of humor, that can throw three people into a trashcan, light them on fire and walk away while they're screaming. That just sounded funny to me but I wasn't sure that the script could really get there, that would have the sense of humor."

Wow, dude sounds pretty harsh. I like him already. I'm glad he's off the movie, because saying things like that might actually tempt me to see it.


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