The Big Chill in Blackface

June 13, 2007

"Who wants to freestyle?"

Screen Gems, a company responsible for more turds than...uh...a guy...that's, uh, always crapping, will be remaking The Big Chill.

The movie will likely be retitled, but the original script by [Lawrence] Kasdan and Barbara Benedek will be used as a template; the storyline will be contemporized and the cast will be African American. The remake will stick closely to the original storyline, in which seven college friends reunite over a weekend at a South Carolina house for the funeral of a pal. As they get reacquainted, they become introspective about how their lives turned out.

One can only assume the remake will be called The Big Chillin', or Chillin' With Big, or Big Momma's House, or Stomp the Funeral, or I'm Lovin' It...

Okay, that probably went too far. Do I have to go apologize to Al Sharpton now?


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