WTF News: A New Fletch Movie? With Josh Jackson?

June 12, 2007

At one point, Pacey mistakenly believed wearing a canuck helmet would spare him severe beatings.

Hey remember those Chevy Chase movies that came out in the 80s? No, not National Lampoon's, the other ones...Fletch. Remember those? Sorta? Well, IESB is reporting that Fletch Won has found a director and star.

Steve Pink (who could totally make porn without changing his name), who previously directed Accepted, is on to direct. I'd start the ripping here if not for the fact that he also co-wrote High Fidelity and one of my guilty pleasures, Grosse Pointe Blank (Sample dialogue: "I'm gonna put a bullet in your head and then f*** the brain hole!" "Nice talk, sugarmouth.")

Meanwhile, Josh Jackson will be playing the lead. Joshua Jackson is perhaps best known for his character on Dawson's Creek, Pacey, which is perhaps best known for being the only name gayer than "Skyler". Pacey, of course, comes from the Latin word pacerus, which loosely translates to "man who eats knuckle sandwich."

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