Alex Proyas Vis a Vis Silver Surfer

July 25, 2007

"Robert Patrick? Yeah, big-time queer. What? No, that's just what I heard."

An MSN article that interviewed Marvel head Avi Arad included the following tidbit:

“He declined to say the director's name, but there has been speculation Australian director Alex Proyas was being wooed to direct the film adaptation of another Arad project, Silver Surfer.”

Naturally, nerds are all abuzz about it; whether Silver Surfer deserves a spinoff, whether the guy who did Dark City and The Crow jumped the shark with I Robot, etc. Anyway, "there has been speculation" sounds a lot like "I got stoned last night and thought it might be cool if" to me, so while you dorks chew all this over, I'm going to enjoy a clip from the Simpson's where they go to Australia.


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