Angry Black Woman Directs Petey Greene Movie

July 6, 2007

"When white people stir their tea they be all like...."

Kasi Lemmons, whom you may remember from such roles as "Angry Black Woman" (seriously, it's the first listing on her IMDB page), directed a biopic about D.C. radio personality Petey Greene starring Don Cheadle. Check out the trailer at

Don Cheadle is one of the best actors around, and this one looks like it has potential. On another note, can you imagine a white guy named "Petey"? A white guy named Petey reminds me of the neighbor kid with Down Syndrome who wears a helmet and jacks off in the front yard. And yet somehow a black dude named Petey sounds like a smooth talking brother who drives a convertible. (sigh)

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