Bill Maher Makes the Baby Jesus Cry

July 13, 2007

Original Onion caption probably says it best, "Bill Maher spends all night arguing with Republican hooker"

In keeping with the heated political discussions we've recently been having in the comments section, today I bring you the news that Lionsgate will be releasing Bill Maher and Larry Charles' anti-religion documentary, A Spiritual Journey.

The film is said to “examine the presence of religion in many of the big news stories of recent years, from Muslim riots over cartoons to the Ten Commandments in front of courthouses, a born-again Christian in the White House and Scientology in the birthing room," and director Charles describes it as “Bill Maher vs. the Anti-Christ (or is Bill Maher the Anti-Christ?)”

I have no knowledge of whether he's the anti-Christ, but I do know that he's banged Ann Coulter, and if Joaquin Phoenix has taught me anything, it's that, "You dance with the devil, the devil don't change - the devil changes you."

He also taught me that hairlips can be sexy. No trailer for this yet, but stay tuned.


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