Broken English: More Hollywood Daughters Make Movies

July 10, 2007

Her look of dissatisfied indifference reminds me of every woman who's ever seen me naked.

The trailer for Broken English is now online. Other than the fact that they stole the "Hap-penis" joke from The Beverly Hillbillies, I don't have all that much to say about it. Written and directed by first timer Zoe Cassavetes (that's right, daughter of John), I smell another Sofia Coppola - you know, a privileged chick who has oodles of taste and style but not a f***ing thing to say?

But then again, Parker Posey's a solid actress who may be able to carry a movie. Plus, I find her oddly attractive, like the shy babysitter who breastfeeds you when your mom's not around. Oh, and Drea De Matteo is in it, and she has an AC/DC tattoo on her hoo-ha.

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