Leguizamo Joins The Happening

July 18, 2007


Variety reports that John Leguizamo has joined the cast of M. Night Shyamalan's The Happening. The film stars Mark Wahlberg as a man escaping natural disaster with his family, with Leguizamo taking the role of his best friend. Now it's time to play the popular game, What's going to be up with John Leguizamo in The Happening?

1. He's some kind of god that is causing the very disaster they're fleeing.
2. He has some hidden power that can stop the disaster at the last minute.
3. He's a ghost.
4. He's an alien.
5. He's something far more obnoxiously convoluted.
6. He's something strange that will be obvious to you in the first five minutes, which you'll later brag to your friends about as a testament to both Shyamalan's poor direction and your own impressive deduction skills.
7. He's the pest.
8. He's obviously not seen Lady in the Water and has made a horrible career move.

Feel free to suggest your own.


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