Michael Bay Talks Smack

July 6, 2007

Bay and Rock at this year's skinny whiteboy convention

According to Deadline Hollywood Daily, Michael Bay posted (and then quickly un-posted) a mini-rant about two of his producers, Don Murphy and Tom DeSanto, trying to take credit for creative aspects of Transformers, despite having no input and not having actually seen the movie yet. Taking creative credit for a Michael Bay movie before you've even seen it? Dangerous. That's like rawdogging Paris Hilton and then bragging about not having herpes before you've gotten tested.

Anyway, this one's not nearly as interesting as Judd Apatow's email fight with the That 70's Show guy, but it is notable in that it has far fewer grammar mistakes than I would expect from the guy who directed Pearl Harbor.

But what made my blood curl [sic] was something that was on the Net with Tom at the Saturn awards on IESB.net where they interviewed him about the movie – a movie I might add he had not seen yet. He acted very much like he did. Check it out as he vamps through the questions, and how Hugo put his 'thumb print on it'. Give me a break, the guy was lying through his teeth - he had seen nada, nothing, until the press screening.
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