More Indiana Jones Rumors/Photos

July 9, 2007


The rumor mill over at Aint it Cool News is saying the new Indiana Jones film will try to bring the series full circle, with our favorite archaeologist again seeking out the Ark of the Covenant. Next time we get a magic religious artifact we'll know better than to just throw a "top secret" sticker on it and put it in a warehouse.

Additionally, Indy producer Frank Marshall has pleased fans by going on the record that the involvement of George Lucas won't mean tons of CGI, saying:

Steven is very aware of the process and we're not cheating with CG (computer graphics) at all. It keeps the B movie feel.

Lucas currently has artists hand-painting a goofy sidekick character frame by frame.

And finally, thanks to Tyler for sending in some more shots from the Indiana Jones IV New Haven, CT set that confirm a chase scene will occur with period vehicles, not, as previously thought, giant mechanical dinosaurs. See them below the cut.





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