More Skinheads!

July 13, 2007

Considering the "unique" aesthetic qualities of the purebred Anglo, you'd think they'd be desperate for outside additions to the gene pool.

In keeping with the Death Sentence-inspired skinhead theme, I bring you the This is England trailer (once again, I apologize for being too stupid to know how to embed these things properly. Seems the only things I know how to properly bed are supermodels. *sigh*, Been this way since I was a child)

Anyway, even though I'm an open-minded, colourblind gent who has bedded women of all races, religions, and states of consciousness, I must admit that I love a good skinhead movie. American History X, Romper Stomper - it's nice to know that a good headbutt or curb stomping is just around the corner. Reminds me of Thanksgiving dinners I had growing up.

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