Paramount Can Make Indy Sequels Long After Harrison Ford's Death

July 16, 2007

Bay was too distracted by Megan Fox's tits to notice that his characters were reacting to the same offscreen action while looking in two different directions.

Despite reports that 65-year-old Harrison Ford is doing all his own stunts and is fighting a courageous battle against incontinence, Paramount has taken no chances with the franchise, signing Shia LaBeouf for three additional Indy pictures, or at least the option to.

LaBeouf has also starred in Disturbia, Surf's Up, and Tranformers this year. His contract with Paramount reportedly includes an option to come to your house and bang your girlfriend, then hang out all day drinking coffee and reading the newspaper. Should you choose to initiate conversation, he retains the right to playfully punch you in the shoulder and call you "sport".


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