Shrek the Fifth is Coming!

July 18, 2007


Remember two months ago when Jeffrey Katzenberg said there would be one more Shrek, insisting he'd always envisioned a fourth and final story of the character's origin? Well, Richard Sullivan, a Dreamworks animation rep, has now essentially told the LA Times, "Did he say four? He meant five--but then that's definitely, probably it." That's right--they're making a fifth Shrek!

I know that a lot of you must be thinking that they're only doing this because Shrek has made enough money to fund the scientific creation of a real, living and breathing Shrek that shits hundred-dollar bills. Well, you couldn't be more wrong. Shrek has never, and will never, be about money. Shrek has always been about creating boring, inoffensive family entertainment. It is only that strong commitment to mediocrity--a pledge made by Dreamworks and signed by Smashmouth--keeping the Shrek franchise alive. As long as there are banal, uninspired stories to tell, Shrek will continue to tell them, whether that means making billions of dollars or not.*

*they will stop making them if they stop making billions of dollars.


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