Superbad Interview

July 4, 2007


Yeah, so happy fourth of July, f***ers. Obviously, this won't be my first post while intoxicated, but it is the first on a holiday. Don't expect this in the future. --End Disclaimer.

Anyway, bottom line, has an interview with Seth Rogen and Judd Apatow about Superbad, and dammit if they don't say all the right things:

"To us that was the big joke. The injustice in movies was that no one in high school movies truly talked and act how we would in high school," Rogen explained. "Just the fact that we were in high school and could swear all the time was just a novelty to us. It was the first time you weren't around your parents all the time or in an elementary school so we would go crazy and have the most filthy conservations. We just hadn't seen that in movies really."

A high school movie starring high school kids, written when the writers were in high school, in high school vernacular. Well shit, it sounds like a fine idea to me, and I commend the studio for being as supportive as Rogen says. Wow, what a f***in' fanboy post this is. Drinking really does take the edge off.

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