Two-Face AND Riddler in Dark Knight?

July 9, 2007


Following earlier rumors that Anthony Michael Hall would play Edward Nygma in The Dark Knight that I took with a grain of salt, more reports are apparently coming in that he actually is in the Riddler role after all. Go figure.

Furthermore, spies near the Batman set are saying they've seen Harvey Dent (Aaron Eckhart) in full (half?) Two-Face makeup, meaning the dramatic transformation to villain may indeed occur in this chapter.

This brings the villain list to:
- The Joker (confirmed)
- Scarecrow (nearly confirmed?)
- Edward Nygma, AKA The Riddler (rumored)
- Harvey Dent, AKA Two-Face (confirmed, but maybe not as villain yet)
- Hitler (confirmed as villain, but primarily versus Jews)
- Heart Disease (still America's greatest killer; unconfirmed in Batman, confirmed in burgers, bacon)
- Yourself (somehow you always knew it)


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