A Pile of Movie News

August 29, 2007


- While Corey Feldman is in Vancouver shooting his part in the Lost Boys sequel, Corey Haim has yet to leave the US, citing immigration problems getting in and out of the country. In other words, Canada can't handle that much awesome at once. [MTV]
- Susan Sarandon said in a recent junket that Speed Racer is using special cameras that will keep everything in the frame in focus through layering images. How soon until this reaches the porn industry, allowing the guy giving it to her from behind to sneer with the same clarity as the guy masturbating in front of them? Not soon enough. [Collider]
- Variety reports that Owen Wilson's recent suicide attempt and hospitalization "are throwing a major monkeywrench into production of two movies and causing marketing headaches for two more." Obviously written by the same reporter that said, "9/11 attacks throw nearby souvenir shops into tizzy." [Variety]
- George Lucas has hired John Ridley to write Red Tails, a film about the first African-American fighter pilots, the Tuskegee Airmen. Writing the latest Star Wars trilogy must have used up all of Lucas's amazingly realistic and believable dialogue. [Variety]
- Oliver Stone is set to direct Pinkville, yet another Vietnam war piece following his previous efforts of Platoon, Heaven & Earth, Born on the Fourth of July, and the seldom-seen family sitcom Viet-Moms. [Variety]

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