Cloverfield Call Sheet May Reveal Ending

August 9, 2007


Even though no one knows what it's really about, or even what the name is, the final scene to J.J. Abrams' top secret Cloverfield (or whatever you want to call it) giant monster project may have been leaked. A call sheet collected from the final day of shooting, cleverly hidden under the codename "Cheese," has revealed that... (hidden under cut so people won't say I spoiled something, though it's really not much of a spoiler.)

EDIT: Got a letter from Paramount asking us to take down the call sheet. Which sucks, but at least confirms that it was real.

1. The movie ends with leads Beth and Rob under a Central Park bridge, ignoring the destruction around them to focus on each other.

2. There is an alternate ending that takes place in the same situation but is presumably altered in some way.

3. Neither ending sounds as cool as "EXT. CENTRAL PARK - Huge monster going f***ing crazy on buildings, people, animals. Winks at camera. Fade out."

4. J.J. Abrams may be infringing on certain trademark laws with his Kraft Velveeta-esque Cheese logo.

J.J. Abrams's ‘Cloverfield’ Wraps [New York Magazine]

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