EXCLUSIVE: The Dark Knight Spy Report

August 27, 2007


Thanks to my super-secret connections, I've heard some reports of what was shot on The Dark Knight this weekend, and it's some fairly heavy stuff. How heavy? Fatty Arbuckle heavy. Heavy enough that I'm forced to hide it behind a cut to keep the spoiler-hating community from destroying me.

Learn Anthony Michael Hall's role, who that crazy Joker shoots at, and other top secret mysteries under the cut!

According to the source, here's what went down over the weekend:

A parade is held to honor the fallen Commissioner Loeb. It's attended by Harvey Dent (Aaron Eckhart), Rachel Dawes (Maggie Gyllenhaal), the Gotham Mayor (Lestor Caronell), and other city officials, officers, mourners, etc. From the sidelines, an intrepid reporter covers the story, played by none other than AMH himself, Anthony Michael Hall. It seems he's just a reporter, not The Riddler or a nerdy boy trying to scientifically create the perfect woman.

The Mayor gives a speech, which is followed by a rifle salute to Loeb. After several shots are fired, some of the shooters turn towards the mayor and begin firing at him. Gordon (Gary Oldman) dives for the Mayor, Dent and Dawes run for cover, and one of the offending officers is revealed to be a certain villain without his signature makeup on. You can guess who. He's named after a playing card.

Does this exciting news give anyone else a case of Batmania?!

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