Futuristic Snow White Sequel (with Shaolin Warriors!)

August 3, 2007


Hong Kong's Wen Wei Po newspaper has always stood for truth and integrity in journalism, but I'm finding it slightly difficult to believe the premise they're reporting of a new Snow White movie starring Natalie Portman and Jet Li. Aside from the fact is isn't being reported in the major trades, it's also a bat-shit crazy idea that gets crazier as it goes on:

It is set thousands of years after the original Snow White story, when the princess has reincarnated into a young woman, played by Natalie Portman.

Her evil stepmother wants to collect the seven pieces of her magic mirror to resume her power.

The Shaolin temple in central China, which has been protecting the mirror for thousands of years, sends seven warriors, led by Jet Li, to protect the mirror and the young woman.

Can this possibly be real? If so, can there also be some kind of battle where the dwarfs mount talking dinosaurs to fight ninjas? It would make just as much sense and would be really awesome.


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