I'm Not There Teaser Trailer

August 22, 2007

Maybe I hadn't been paying enough attention, but I hadn't realized until this trailer that Todd Haynes' Bob Dylan biopic was a mix of exaggerated fact and imagined fiction. Foolishly, I thought the turbulent life of one the most amazing performers ever would stand on its own ground without making shit up and casting six actors to play him. Luckily, Haynes seems to have made it pretty easy for us to guess which are the "imagined" parts. Now I'm not a Dylan historian, but I'm going to go out on a limb and guess the part where he's literally floating from a tether on his ankle, where he's riding through the woods on a horse, and the part with the arbitrary giraffe didn't happen, whereas the parts where he's riding around in a car or singing did happen. Please correct me if there was an instance where he did, in fact, float.

With that said, it looks kind of good.

Some of the YouTube links are being taken down, so the original IGN link is here if needed.

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