Logan's Run Director is Nobody

August 22, 2007

Commercial director Joseph Kosinksi will make his feature debut with Logan's Run, an adaptation of the 1967 sci-fi thriller. It is said the film will go more low-tech with the technology and stay closer to the book than the 1976 adaptation, which tells the story of a future society that demands voluntary death at a certain age, just as cancer does in our society.

SlashFilm was kind enough to put together a sample of his work for viewing, and it's pretty typical artsy commercial bullshit that probably wins ad awards. And what world does this guy live in that every commercial is over a minute long?

In the above clip, a woman living in an ice world impatiently waits for her sentient car husband to return home. Her robot dog recognizes the distinctive sound of approaching downtempo electronica that signals its car-master's approach. In the end, we discover that we can purchase this sentient car from Saab dealerships.

More clips with explanations below the cut.

Two spandex-wearing lesbians slumber in their mansion. One is awoken by the entrance of red vinyl shoes and the increasingly obnoxious sourceless house music. Upon investigating outside, she is transformed into pure energy. She returns hours later, at which point her partner has already changed from her sleeping spandex to her early morning satin pajamas. This is apparently common behavior in future lesbians.

Two young boys lie outside, pondering the stars above them. They quickly realize their night would be much better spent inside, playing Halo.

A post-apocalyptic mercenary hunts for the singer responsible for doing a terrible cover of his favorite band, Tears for Fears.

Some attractive young couples jump in slow motion while red leaves float elegantly around them. It's clear from their enjoyment that they're probably on shrooms.

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