Martin Scorsese's Shine a Light Trailer

August 23, 2007

Like everyone, I love Martin Scorsese, but this trailer for his Rolling Stone's concert documentary Shine a Light is doing nothing for me. The film covers two nights at the Beacon last last year, with cameos from Christina Aguilera, Jack White, Bill Clinton, and frequent appearances by Scorsese himself. With the release pushed to next April, here are some changes I suggest would make this better:

1. If it was 1970.
2. If the aged man resembling Mick Jagger weren't getting so disgustingly sexual while singing with Christina Aguilera. Is he trying to make David Bowie jealous?
3. Less of Marty and Mick pretending there was dramatic, behind-the-scenes conflict.
4. More of Keith Richards snorting things.
5. Robin Williams voicing Mick Jagger.

I would have really preferred something more like another No Direction Home than this. You?

Martin Scorsese's Shine a Light Trailer [Stereogum]

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