Toy-based Wizard of Oz on Its Way!

August 23, 2007


Todd McFarlane and History of Violence writer Josh Olson have revealed plans for a new take on The Wizard of Oz based on McFarlane's horror versions of the toys (above). This will allow the toymaker to make new toys based on the movie based on the toys.

The two went on to say Dorothy would actually be nothing at all like the hyper-sexualized bondage toy but be more of a bad-ass like Ripley in Alien, and the whole thing will have a "2007 wow factor" that will try to get the Lord of the Rings audience. If that means armies of thousands of Muchkins versus hordes of flying monkeys, I might just forgive the fact that McFarlane is still releasing Spawn toys for some reason. Honestly, who is buying these?

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