Don Cheadle Loves Anything With 'Hotel' in Title

September 11, 2007

Don Cheadle garnered much praise for his dramatic role in Hotel Rwanda as a hotel manager who housed over a thousand Tutsis refugees during their struggle against the Hutu militia. Now, in a Cuba Gooding Jr-style move, the actor will try to ruin all that by making a hotel-centric kids movie about dogs, Hotel for Dogs:

Story revolves around two orphaned teenagers who hide dozens of stray dogs in an abandoned hotel. Cheadle will play a beleaguered social worker who keeps the kids out of trouble.

Following shooting for Hotel for Dogs, Cheadle announced he will be returning to his hotel, where he'll watch Hotel Rwanda, listen to Hotel California, and play Monopoly, where he hopes to fully upgrade his properties.

Cheadle checks in to 'Hotel for Dogs' [Variety]

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