Hotel Chevalier: Good News/Bad News

September 7, 2007


Wes Anderson's latest, The Darjeeling Limited, has screened at the Venice Film Festival with a short prologue attached to the front called Hotel Chevalier, starring Jason Schwartzman and Natalie Portman.

Good News: The short is being called "the sexiest thing that Anderson has ever done," partially because Natalie Portman is supposedly nude to some degree.

Bad News: There are rumors that the short will only be attached to prints in the UK, leaving Americans scrambling for bootlegged nudity until DVD time.

Worse News: Once the initial excitement fades, finally seeing her naked body will probably only lead to anger and bitterness on my part. Why should such a thing exist if I can never touch it?

Venice Film Festival 2007 diary part four [TimeOut London]

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