Jessica Biel as Wonder Woman in Male Triumph

September 25, 2007

In a huge win for the male collective consciousness, Variety announced that Jessica Biel will very possibly wear a Wonder Woman outfit for Warner Bros' Justice League of America. Somehow, through our private fantasies and drunken conversations, wanting more than anything to see Jessica Biel jump around in a bikini with a lasso, we've willed this to happen. Congratulations.

Some nay-sayers may try to bring up the valid point that there are rumors JLA will be CGI, meaning we don't get to see a real Jessica Biel dressed as Wonder Woman. Rest assured, even if that is the case, FHM, Maxim, or some other douchebag publication will surely still get her in that costume. We've done it, male collective. Next, let's try to make Pamela Anderson young again.

Jessica Biel in talks for 'Justice' [Variety]

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