Kevin James to Play 'Mall Cop' ...of Queens

September 26, 2007

You know one profession that hasn't been degraded enough through history? Mall cops. Despite the late hours, the goofy cop-like uniforms, the incessant mocking by teenagers, the stupid little cart with the flashing yellow light, and the lack of absolutely any actual power, I worry this group may be getting a bit haughty. And though the security guard is almost always portrayed in film as a bumbling boob sleeping on the job, an ineffective protector, or a comic relief, no one has really laid into these guys to let them know just how worthless they are.

Thankfully, Kevin James is set to deflate their egos a bit with a writing/starring gig in Mall Cop. The story tells of a fat, mild-mannered security guard who's forced to try to prevent a gang of organized thieves from robbing the mall. It should be hilarious to see how such an feeble waste as a mall cop will handle a dangerous situation! Probably much like the actual impotent law-keepers would handle it--stupidly! And because this is a Happy Madison production, we've got a great chance of Rob Schneider playing an ambiguously-retarded security guard with a funny voice! Take that, mall cops!

Kevin James to star in 'Mall Cop' [Variety]

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