'Pathology' Trailer Summarized for Your Benefit

September 25, 2007
Above is the trailer for Pathology, Milo Ventimiglia's new film where he finds himself in a killing game amongst his friend and rival pathologists. As a service, I've summarized said trailer below.

guy: The ambiguously-titled "County Morgue" is the best morgue ever.
Milo: Good, because I'm the best morgue guy.
Q from Star Trek: Best morgue guy, meet other young hotshot morgue guy. I think you'll get along nicely, I say sarcastically, because you'll clearly be rivals.
Milo's fiancee: I love you, even though you have a cat name and a creepy job.
Other morgue hotshots: Let's kill someone! Yay!
Milo: You don't mean it for realsies.
Hotshot rival: Here's a guy we killed.
Milo: You totally mean it for realsies! Is this a game?
Hotshot rival: Yeah, and that would be a good tagline.
Milo: I'll tell!
Hotshot rival: You won't, for some reason.
Morgue hottie: Let's kill a pedophile.
Milo: OK, but it seems like this might get me too involved.
Hotshot rival: I'm all crazy and shit.
Milo: I am too involved!
Morgue hottie: I'm implying I'll kill your girlfriend.
Hotshot rival: Tense, tense, tense! Hey, aren't that guy from Heroes?
Milo: Yeah, I'm the one with a cat name.

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