'PVC-1' Trailer Has Me Eager for 'PVC-2'

September 26, 2007


As a movie blogger, one of the complaints I hear most often concerning modern films is that they tend to be composed of numerous shots that form a larger narrative. The moment I post the new Harry Potter trailer or whatever, it's only moments before I start hearing "too many shots," "ugh, edits" or "it looks like they may have used some technique of stopping the camera and starting it again at a different place and time, bypassing unnecessary action."

Well, your cries have been answered in the form of PVC-1, a real-time Columbian film consisting of a single 81-minute shot, telling the story of a woman held captive with a bomb around her neck. In keeping America competitive in the single-shot market, the opening shot of The Player will now be edited to run back-and-forth for 82 minutes before moving on.

PVC 1 Trailer and Review [Latino Review]

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