Sally Field Playing Mary F'in Todd Lincoln

September 24, 2007

Despite no formal release to the Hollywood trade papers, Newsweek is reporting Sally Field will play Mary Todd Lincoln in Steven Spielberg's biopic of the late president, who is being played by Liam Neeson. If you've ever seen a picture of the first lady, you know this casting is being more than generous in the looks department, though apparently the Ghost of Lincoln is saying, "I always pictured myself with more of a Penelope Cruz type. Man, those lips alone could have melted the chains of oppression I found so vehemently to break. Speaking of which: how about Halle Berry? My god, have you seen Swordfish? So-so flick, but that stripping scene had the steam spewin' out of this man's stovepipe hat, lemme tell ya."

The former-president's specter went on to describe Queen Latifah as "a whole lotta woman, but I'd give every inch the time it deserved."

'Hellcat or Helpmate': The Mary Todd Lincoln Saga [Newsweek]

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