Saw IV 'Autopsy' Trailer is Disgusting

September 13, 2007

At some point the grossness level of these trailers for Saw IV started, like the US space program, competing against themselves in a game no one is watching anymore. This one features ol' Jigsaw getting all sorts of organs and things yanked out of him in a graphic autopsy. I can't wait for the next ad, where I hear someone fills Jigsaw's now-empty body cavities with vomit, blends the whole thing, feeds it to a midget, cuts open a giant, stuffs the midget inside the giant, then walks the giant/midget cocktail into a bear trap, all while a man with his eyes gouged out eats a bowl of human feces and baby heads. It's totally awesome.

I think you have to do YouTube's age-proving thing before watching this, to prove you're of age to throw up.

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