Shoot 'Em Up Intercourse/Gunfight Scene

September 5, 2007

I knew when I saw the trailer (posted above) that Shoot 'Em Up was going to be full of testosterone-driven, ridiculously unbelievable action scenes, and, honestly, I was kind of looking forward to that. But, brother, I had no idea. In this tasteful scene, Clive Owen is having sex with Monica Bellucci when some masked characters, clearly evil, enter. Clive proceeds to exchange gunfire with the men, killing them all, while continuing to bring Monica to orgasm. You'll be amazed with what can happen when believability is thrown out the window in exchange for graphic sex and violence.

Warning: Clip is not safe for work due to Clive Owen having sex with Monica Bellucci while shooting people.

Shoot 'Em Up Sex Clip [IESB]

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