The Rock Asks Idiots to Decide his Role -- Us!

September 25, 2007

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson has been approached, as rumored, to play a role in the Shazam superhero movie. The question, he says, is which role? Rock revealed:

Shazam, of course, I would love to play. They approached me about [Captain Marvel] and [villain] Black Adam as well. We've been meeting for months. We're toying with either one. I think it's up to the fans. Without question.

I'd say this bodes poorly for the Shazam movie; not the casting of Johnson, but that this is as clear as their artistic vision gets. "We'd like this Rock fellow involved but we don't give a shit how. He could be the villain, the hero, whatever. Just get this guy in spandex and on the screen." And I'm all for getting fan input, but don't give fans the final choice on this one. That's how you'll end up with a cast of Bruce Campbell, Stewie from Family Guy, and the jackass who cries for Britney Spears.

Seriously though, should he be Black Adam or Captain Marvel? I'm saying Adam, just because Johnson has a lot more forehead than I prefer from my superheroes.

The Rock's Role In 'Shazam': Should He Be Good Or Evil? You Decide! [MTV]

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