This Guy is James T. Kirk?

September 28, 2007


With IESB reporting that Poseidon's Mike Vogel is the front-runner to be a young James T. Kirk in JJ Abrams' Star Trek prequel, I have just one thing to say: like hell he is.

Just from looking at him, I can tell you this man is not the daring captain we know and love. I'm sure Mike Vogel is a fine actor, and Abrams just worked with him on his untitled monster project, but there is no way this guy can fill the shiny black boots of William Shatner. I just can't see this guy seducing a green lady-alien without the use of roofies and a bottle of Long Island mix. He'll be ordering Coors Light from the replicator, and how long until he installs a sound system in the Enterprise and starts drag racing through the Neutral Zone?

In short: too much frat, not enough Shat.

JJ Abrams’ James T. Kirk Casting Revealed? [IESB]

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