Tron Sequel: Tron Guy Speaks Out

September 11, 2007

Hey, guys! Tron Guy Jay Maynard here, and I just found out that Disney and commercial director Joseph Kosinski have plans to film a "next chapter" to 1982's landmark film, Tron. Dear reader, I've never been more torn in my life.

On the one hand, it's utter sacrilege to even consider touching the masterpiece that is the "Electronic Gladiator," Steven Lisberger's 1982 classic, Tron. Kevin Flynn's journey through a computer, forced to battle the very programs he created (I can understand this, as a computer programmer) is so masterful in its epic battles, groundbreaking special effects, and engrossing, realistic story that I can't imagine what could be added to this science-fiction keystone. It would be like adding paint to the Mona Lisa! Though I guess painting on a luminescent helmet and energy disk might add something...

UPDATE: What appears to be the actual Tron Guy has added some words in the comments section, noting that he didn't write this entry, and that his true feelings are here (though not that dissimilar). There may be some truth to this.

At the same time, look what expanding the story did for Star Wars. If the same could be done for 1982's cinematic touchstone, Tron, which is clearly already a more lushly drawn universe, full of intricacies that have never been touched by another science-fiction film before or since, it might bring in some new fans to the original. Heck, if they changed the costumes, maybe I could even make a new one, prolonging the faint taste of internet fame for a few moments longer!

That's all from Tron Guy! And don't forget I also do computer consulting! If you're in the market for a technical consultant, and aren't freaked out by an overweight, middle-aged man dressed in a homemade spandex costume, I'm your guy.

New 'Tron' races on [Hollywood Reporter]

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