Zack Snyder Gives Crazy 'Watchmen' Update

September 26, 2007


At first glance, Zack Snyder's Watchmen video seems like a pleasant if not boring update on the status of a highly-anticipated comic book adaptation. He says everything is going well the first week, everyone loves the material, and the actors and crew are all "cool."

Around that point, you start to realize the thick stubble, the mess of wild hair, the animal-like glare, and it becomes apparent that you're staring into the eyes of a mad woodsman. More than likely, the cast and crew of Watchmen are slaughtered, caged, and half-eaten in the deep woods of Canada, those alive praying someone will see through the killer's thinly-veiled cover-up video. This post is dedicated to those brave men and women. Good luck to you all.

Watchmen Greeting [WB]

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