AM Poster Post: '27 Dresses' Poster is a Dress. Get it?

October 16, 2007


Taking a cue from media analyst Marshall McLuhan, the medium is truly the message in this insightful poster for 27 Dresses. With the textual elements of the movie forming the very threads of this quite-theoretical gown (one cannot help but notice there is no border to this dress; it is purely a fabric of word and thought), the viewer is forced to connect a story--this light-hearted romantic-comedy--to an article of clothing, reminding us that all of our attire--from the tuxedo to the thread-bare, tattered t-shirt of a favorite band--is woven with the history of both its creator and wearer.

Or, you know, it's cute how the words are the shape of a dress.

27 Dresses Poster [IMPA]

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