AM Poster Post: 'Martian Child' Poster

October 8, 2007


Like K-Pax for pedophiles, Martian Child tells the story of John Cusack trying to raise a boy who, appropriately for the film's title, claims he's a Martian child. Judging by the poster alone, here's evidence I see that he is, in fact, a Martian child:

1. He's smaller than an adult, indicating likely childhood.

2. He's wearing sunglasses and carrying an umbrella to shield himself from the sun. K-Pax also wore sunglasses, meaning light sensitivity could be a common alien trait. Or that the Martian Child writers have seen K-Pax, and stole both the plot and the alien's quirks.

3. He has some kind of weird belt on, with what may be miniature cans of soda holstered inside. These are probably small promotional cans for Martian regions where Pepsi is just being introduced.

Evidence that John Cusack may actually be Richard Lewis:

1. Everything else.

'Martian Child' Poster [Cinematical]

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