AM Poster Post: 'The Bucket List' Captures Special Moment

October 30, 2007


It's a beautiful but tragic thing to capture the exact moment when someone exits the realm of legitimate acting and joins the ranks of old guys just being old, but it appears they've done it with this poster. Like the posters for Grumpy/Grumpier Old Men and Secondhand Lions, The Bucket List has no qualms about selling this film based entirely around the idea that once-respected actors are now very old, and probably dying.

Won't it be fun to see how old Jack Nicolson is, and how he interacts with another old man, Morgan Freeman? And it's only compounded by the fact that the plot of the film is based around doing certain things before you die. Jack must have an item on his own bucket list that says, "Make feel-good comedy where I play myself, a man becoming increasingly evil-looking and genderless with age."

The Bucket List One-Sheet [CanMag]

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