'Child's Play' Remake So Easy a Child Could Ruin It

October 22, 2007


Wait a minute, someone is remaking a previously popular horror franchise? Get outta town. Ideas for scary things have been exhausted to the point of remaking a story about a killer doll? It would seem so.

Yes, now Child's Play is joining the growing list of things to be remade for an entirely new generation of would-be doll-fearers, who will later be disappointed when it's remade again in another 20 years. But there's one thing that I fear (hope) won't let this particular remake succeed in the modern age, which I'm calling the "My Buddy Factor."

To explain, in 1988, when Child's Play was released, the children's toy market was a radically different place. Video games, the internet, and abbreviated text messages had not yet replaced physical contact, and a doll friend-replacement was not only a legitimate possibility, it was a reality. With the already-creepy My Buddy loitering in the homes of young boys across the nation, a movie about a wide-eyed little effigy coming to life and murdering families was an all-too-real possibility.

But how many boys today still have a three-foot-tall surrogate companion lying in their beds? Not many, at least I would hope. If they want to make this believable, they need to make the villain something found more frequently in children's rooms. Like a pedophile they met online who lives in a secret love den he constructed under their bed.

Child's Play Remake in the Works [First Showing]

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