'Christmas in Wonderland' Similar to Christmas in Derivative Hell

October 12, 2007

Mom's out of town and Patrick Swayze is going to have to do the shopping!? Men can't do Christmas shopping! Did mom not see Jingle All the Way? I love it when a comedy is so rock solid in its premise that it can unabashedly deliver the plot within the first five seconds.

Or so I thought! But once the mad-cap music kicks in, this film becomes an entirely different premise of kids finding a bag of money and spending it in the mall while being chased by the villainous Tim Curry (why, Tim?) and Chris Kattan (expected). Someone finally made that glorious chimera of Home Alone and Blank Check that you never asked for. What a fine debut by up-and-coming screenwriter Wanda Birdsong Shope. If this doesn't work out, her name automatically qualifies her to be a great drag queen.

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