Clooney and DiCaprio Getting (More) Political

October 11, 2007


George Clooney and Leonardo DiCaprio getting political? You don't say. That's right, the most political politically-charged political thriller ever is coming, with the Roseanne hunk directing the Growing Pains bad boy in Farragut North:

The story follows a young, idealistic communications director who works for an inspiring, though unorthodox, presidential candidate. During the campaign, his career is done in by more seasoned politicos who thrive on poisonous partisan politics, dirty tricks and back-stabbing.

This pairing should be good. Between takes, they can smugly discuss whose vehicles give off less emissions, and this gives Clooney the perfect chance to get Leo hand in the pretty boy jack-off pool of Ocean's 14-30. Hooray!

Clooney, DiCaprio eye journey ‘North’ [Hollywood Reporter]

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