Diesel, Walker 2 B N Fast, Furious 4?

October 3, 2007


Hollywood Reporter claims Vin Diesel and Paul Walker, stars of the original Fast and the Furious, will be reprising their roles in the fourth chapter of the epic adjective saga. Here are the reasons this is believable or unbelievable:


- The Hollywood Reporter is a (relatively) respected trade source.

- Vin Diesel needs something to do until someone writes a Pacifier sequel or until the next chronicle of Riddick.

- Paul Walker needs something to do while Thomas Jane takes his roles.


- The Fast and the Furious and its sequels are stupid. (This could go under either category.)

- Starring in a bad movie, leaving the series, then returning after its worse is equivalent to dating a disgusting girl, dumping her, then begging for her back after she's gotten fatter, uglier, and has dated several schlubs. We've all done it, but it's frowned upon. (Again, this could probably go in either category.)

- Hollywood Reporter's image of prospective star Vin Diesel (above) looks suspiciously like American Idol's Chris Daughtry. (UPDATE: It appears they have removed the image in question.)

Regardless of the stars, the trade did have one more valuable piece of information to share:

The story line is being kept under wraps, but fast cars are involved.


2 veteran drivers on 'Fast' track [Hollywood Reporter]

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