'Fast Glass' Trailer--With High-Tech Plastic Planes

October 31, 2007


Of all the questions I have about Fast Glass--such as why Nick Carter is playing Jamie Kennedy playing a thug, why the teen heartthrob from 10 Things I Hate About You is in a movie rather than a drug-filled basement with JTT, and why this isn't officially a Fast and the Furious sequel--none is troubling me so much as why this movie isn't titled "High-Tech Plastic Planes."

Honestly, how many times are they going to tell me in a single trailer that they're running drugs in "high-tech plastic planes"? Is plastic revolutionary for plane construction? Why are they harping on this? They act like it's equivalent to saying the drugs are on the back of a pegasus, headed to the distant future. If you're going to say "high-tech plastic planes" that often, it had better either be the title or a codeword that will make me forget I saw this, which I'd prefer.

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