'Harold & Kumar 2' Poster Asks 'WWNPHD?'

October 23, 2007


So few films these days, let alone in their posters, have a clear, inspiring message to deliver unto the legions of fans of the world's youngest medical doctor, Doogie Howser.

Thankfully, salvation has come in the unlikely form of the Harold & Kumar 2 one-sheet--a promotional item that will surely pull in the film's core stoner audience before they even realize what it's for--by asking the simple question, What Would NPH Do? (That's Neil Patrick Harris, for those who haven't tolerated his multi-season explanation of how he met your mother).

And the answer to such a profound query? Ride a unicorn down from the heavens, then probably record the incident in primitive word-processing software.

At least now we know.

Harold & Kumar 2 Poster [IGN]

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