Hilary Duff Tackles Tough Race Issues Adorably

October 2, 2007


I already knew Hilary Duff as a humanitarian when she graced us with the character of Lizzie McGuire, The Lizzie McGuire Movie, its various made-for-TV movies, and the accompanying songs to those movies--not to mention her pop albums and public appearances, where that equine grin lights up hearts--but now Hollywood Reporter tells me she's about to become a positive saint. With her newest comic role in Greta, the young actress plays to tackle the hottest topic of 1978, interracial dating!

Duff will play a young waitress who falls for the restaurant's cook from the wrong (black) side of the tracks. Her grandparents, sadly played by Ellen Burstyn and Michael Murphy, don't approve of the match because they're racists. I know, it sounds really good, right? Wait'll you hear the best part: their racist suspicions are confirmed upon finding out this fellow is indeed the criminal his skin color implied.

I think this thing is going to break down a lot of (barely present) barriers.

Stars align for teen pic [Hollywood Reporter]

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