'Hitch' on TV a Surefire Hit(-ch)!

October 12, 2007


Good news for those whose DVD player is burning a hole right through their copy of Hitch (everyone, I presume): Hitch is coming to television! The Will Smith/Kevin James masterpiece is being adapted into a half-hour, one-camera comedy series by Overbrook Entertainment. Smith will produce but won't be doling out expert yet hilarious romantic advice.

With such expert decision-making skills, I'm thinking we should give Overbrook Entertainment control of the entire earth. If they're able to bring the deep complexity of Hitch to the small screen, who knows what else they could follow up with?

Right now Hell is limited to the dark underworld, where only humanity's most depraved get to experience its pains, so how about Hell on Earth? Maybe Overbrook could work out a deal to bring the fiery pits of Hades into the earthly world in time for the summer season (when it's already nearly that hot anyway, am I right, people?).

At least this won't be a reality series where someone plays a Hitch-like character helping pathetic losers get women, which would be infinitely worse, though probably more successful. Actually, I guess that already exists.

Hitch 'em up: Overbrook dives deep into TV [Hollywood Reporter]

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